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      I was in a fix. My first website designer had let me down, my website wasn’t nearly finished, and I was two weeks away from publication!

      SPRK Design was recommended on an authors’ Facebook page, so I searched for sprkdesign.com and immediately saw a contact telephone number (many website designers only conduct business by email).

      SPRK Design went to work, had a very fast turnaround and were supportive every step of the way.

      When I published my first novel in October, my website didn’t only look good. It was up and running.

      SPRK Design were simply superb.

      Rosalind Tate, Author

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      SquareSpace website
      Fully managed

      On-going maintenance
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      Quick turnaround


      Rosalind Tate is a UK fiction author who had worked with another designer to create her SquareSpace website.

      Just two weeks before her first book and website launch her website designer had let her down so she approached SPRK to help.

      The design and basic layout of the site had already been created but there were a number of important tweaks and design elements that needed finishing, not to mention getting the site ready to launch in time.

      As a busy author who was focussed on launch and marketing her book, Rosalind needed us to take charge, offer advice and meet her tight deadlines.

      Communication was key and so being able to phone us when every Rosalind had a query was of utmost importance.



      We quickly got to work once we had all the relevant access to Rosalind’s SquareSpace site, working not only on the design elements she wanted changed, but going through each page with a fine toothcomb re-checking work and making sure the site’s SEO, usability and functionality was performing at its best. 

      Today we work still work closely with Rosalind to maintain her website. We have also offered to train her in website updates so that when she’s ready she can make her own updates.


      We launched Rosalind’s website on-time to co-incide with her book launch!

      We continue to work with her, offering maintenance, support and guidence whenever she needs it.

      Rosalind is already working on her next book which we can’t wait to be released!


      sprk rosalind tate website image
      sprk rosalind tate website image

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